Broadway Theatre | Medford, WI


Broadway Theatre

Broadway Theatre

910 West Broadway Avenue
Medford, WI 54451

How to find us

910 West Broadway Avenue
Medford, WI 54451
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50.00 for first hour per theatre

25.00 per hour after that per theatre

These prices are for time slots when the theatre is not open for normal movies.  Pricing does not include a movie.  Pricing on other time slots, and with movies can be obtained by calling Dave or emailing.  715-560-8213 or

Digital projectors available for every room

Sound System by request

Other Needs or ideas?   Lets Talk about it call 715-748-5556 leave a message

or email


Single Combo = Medium Popcorn and Medium Soda $8.50
Medium Combo =Large Popcorn and 2 Medium drinks $13

Large Combo = Large Popcorn and 2 large drinks $15

Monster Combo = Large Popcorn and 2 Monster Drinks $18

ULTIMATE COMBO = Party Tub of Popcorn and 2 MONSTER Drinks $22

Party Tub of Popcorn =$12 includes a refill plus bring your bucket back anytime and refill it for just $6



12 oz soda


small bag of fruit snacks


Ticket Prices

Ages 13 & Older
For Evening Showtimes - Any Showtime at 5pm or later
Ages 12 & Younger
Any Showtime
Ages 65 & Older
Any Showtime
Active Military
Any Showtime
Ages 2 & Younger
Children ages 2 and younger are Free.. however we ask you to step out or stop for passes if your little one decides that they aren't interested in watching that movie.
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